We’re living in unprecedented times. Some people’s situations may seem impossible. But.

But is the pause where we decide. It’s the crossroads. We can either muster up the gumption and the grit to keep going, or…

…we must keep going. We must find a way. We WILL find a way.

The human spirit can overcome so much. I truly believe it’s through faith that we find this grit and gumption.

Imagine if Winston Churchill had backed down in the face of the Nazi’s. If Harriet Tubman lost her tenacity. If Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Marie Curie, Karl Benz, and many others hadn’t pressed on in their research. We’d have no light, no electricity, and no transportation. We wouldn’t have moved the needle. We could have lost democracy.

Whether we’re fighting economic battles or even deeper ones, in spite of this pandemic, we WILL press on. We WILL find a treatment, perhaps several. We WILL find creative ways of surviving, and then thriving. We will get through this.

When you hit a brick wall, remember — you have made it this far. You, my friend, are stronger than you think. We have to choose to believe. There is always hope.

Choose to press on with determination, with grit. It will be worth it in the end.

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