This couple eats for less than $60 a month

If you’re trying to get anywhere with money, whether it’s paying off debt, being ready in case of an emergency or saving for your future, you’ll know that spending the least amount possible on your monthly expenses is one big way to get it done.

And one big chunk of the monthly budget happens to be something we can’t live without: food.

Eating for under $60 for two – a month!

How one couple eats for less than $60 a month

Financially frugal couple Deb and Al run the blog SavingtheCrumbs.com, and through planning and diligence, have been able to save 50% or more of their gross income. (Plus, they also give away 20% to charity!) One of the biggest ways they are able to do this
is through cutting their food expenses.

‘Food costs are ongoing, month after month, year after year, and can truly make or break your finances,’ they say.

In fact, they have cut their food expenses so much, they actually spend 90% less than the amount recommended by the USDA!

On their blog they show in detail how they have been able to cut their food expenses to under $60 a month. The great thing is, they still eat healthy, they don’t go hungry and they still enjoy the food they eat.

Gardening, shopping in bulkshopping at Aldi and eating vegetarian are a few of their techniques. Plus, they rarely ever eat out. On SavingtheCrumbs.com, they even have a menu for what they make regularly.

Though not all of their tips will work for everyone, Deb and Al are certainly great examples to follow when it comes to being wise with money!

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