Howdy! Welcome to Alt Money Choices. I created this blog to show you how my main and only squeeze Justin and I paid off $27,000 in 11 months.


My goal with this small site is to inspire you to make better financial choices, and know that even the little steps toward your goals make a big difference.

I don’t want it to seem like I have it all together, or that your journey to being financially free will or should look exactly like mine. After buying a house and trying to start my own business at age 23, I got into huge amounts of debt — all while going to school and earning a living as a server.

It took 7 long years and a ton of hard work — but we can finally say we are finally debt-free, with the exception of our house. I can’t understate how amazing it feels, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t attribute so much of our accomplishment to grace and Divine Providence — in spite of our missteps and financial ignorance.

We hope you’ll find this blog a source of encouragement as we cheer you on along the way — no matter what your goals may be. As a part of our foray into learning, you might also see some health-focused blog posts and musings. So stay tuned while we make take this journey toward financial freedom — together!

Join the No Spend September challenge!

Want to improve your finances? Sometimes you just need a kickstart! This month, we’re hosting the No Spend September Challenge. In this challenge, you’ll set a goal of no extra purchases — only necessities — and try to spend as little as possible.

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