#NoSpendSeptember Week 1: Cheap gas and groceries, beautiful parks, and pumpkin

This was the first week of #NoSpendSeptember! (There’s still time to join us if you want in!)

Though it may seem silly to do something like this during such a challenging time in history, I also feel that it’s a healthy diversion from all the stress of the world. Focusing on problems can make them bigger; focusing on solutions and progress helps with our mental state and helps us move forward. The small choices we each make with money can help us to feel empowered when we see how much they add up!

As part of the challenge, I am only spending money on necessities. That means no going out to eat, nothing I don’t need, and especially no Amazon purchases (gasp!) I have really gotten accustomed to the convenience of Amazon, and also the fun of finding great bargains there and having them delivered to my door. But, sometimes it’s good to practice a little self-discipline and focus on other things that bring joy and are not about spending money. This is my month to do it!

This week, I saved money on several different things: Groceries, gas, fun, and pumpkin bread. Sorry, I know it’s a part of groceries, but since the season is changing to fall, pumpkin gets its own category.  🙂

Saving on gas

I know gas is high and it’s a tiny savings, but 10 cents, if buying 15 gallons once a week, is $78 per year! That definitely covers the cost of our Costco membership by itself.

Saving on fun

On Thursday I took Jasper up to the mountains to enjoy some parks there. There are so many free parks I have never been to in the GA mountains! I think he enjoyed going to new places.


Avoiding temptations

I’m so tempted to buy the above pants. They are on sale, plus Kohl’s has a coupon, plus I have some Kohl’s cash. I have not bought them, but I added the discounts to my cart to see how much they’d be. Ah!

I also went to Hallmark to get my free card for the month. While there I typically shop the sale section, especially for gifts. There were some cute items on sale, but I got past them!

Saving on groceries

I did pretty good with BOGO’s at Publix this week. Spent $58.69 and saved $48.96!

There are some seriously good BOGO’s (buy one, get one free’s) happening right now.

And then BJ’s Wholesale. Love the convenient pickup option. It saves me so much time!

Pumpkin bread

Ok. I get it. I know this one needs defending, especially with all the pumpkin spice naysayers out there. No one NEEDS pumpkin bread. But if you eat it instead of another meal, that counts right? Like, it’s necessary to eat if you need to eat something anyway? Also, I saved money on it. I bought it from Publix instead of Starbucks like I normally would as a weekly treat. Does it have ALL the allergens I typically avoid? YES. But, did I save money on it by not buying it at Starbucks? YES. I got 6 slices total for $5.99, 3 slices for the price of one at Starbucks. Did I save time? YES. This kind of thing would take me at least an hour to make and I’d have to buy all the ingredients. Is pumpkin bread a necessity in fall? Why yes, yes it is. So is anything pumpkin-flavored. (Here’s how I add sugar-free pumpkin flavor to my life from home.) So, pumpkin bread is a necessity. Try to change my mind! 🙂

How did you save money this week?

Join the No Spend September challenge!

Want to improve your finances? Sometimes you just need a kickstart! This month, we’re hosting the No Spend September Challenge. In this challenge, you’ll set a goal of no extra purchases — only necessities — and try to spend as little as possible.


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