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“I loved Charis’ book. I couldn’t stop reading it…” -Clark Howard

Charis wasn’t always the best with money. After constantly overextending her finances, she found herself in an underwater mortgage and over $36,000 in student loan debt. After she and her husband got married, their combined debt totaled over $350,000.

Seven years later, Charis and her husband Justin are completely debt-free, with the exception of their mortgage. In just 11 months, Charis was able to pay off $27,000 of her remaining student loan debt, attributing it to what she calls “Alt Money Choices.” By creating a journal and making different choices with money, she was able to save over $12,000 by using coupons, choosing a less expensive option, or not spending the money at all. As she journaled her progress, she realized that small savings really does add up big over time.

In this book, you’ll discover:
  • How small choices can really add up
  • Why changing your money habits has a big impact over time
  • Charis’ strategy for paying off $27,000 of debt in 11 months
  • How to make saving money fun
  • The science of making better choices
  • Money mentalities that separate the rich from everyone else
  • Simple steps you can take to save thousands
“I loved Charis’ book. I couldn’t stop reading it, and I finished it in a couple of hours. What I love about Charis’ story is she’s so methodical about her process, and she’s not preaching at people, she’s teaching people
how to get their money in order.”
-Clark Howard, Consumer Expert, Radio Talk Show Host,
and New York Times bestselling author

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More praise for Alt Money Choices

“I am grateful that Charis has chronicled her journey from indebtedness to empowerment with us all. This book is a must-read for anyone who feels the burden of debt — the immense value of incremental changes we can all make in our daily money decisions is laid out and truly inspirational.”

-Christa DiBiase, COO, Clark Howard Brands

“In her book, Alt Money Choices, Charis outlines the steps — both big and small — that she used to tackle a mountain of debt. Best of all, these are the kinds of steps anyone can take! If you need some inspiration along your journey to being debt-free, this is the book for you.”

-Theo Thimou, Co-author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Living Large in Lean Times

“This is a very practical book on how to make better decisions with your money. The stories that Charis shares are compelling and very relatable. This is a great book for anyone looking to make alternative money choices that can change the trajectory of their lives for the better!”

-Deacon Hayes, Founder, Well Kept Wallet

“A must-read money book! Charis’ personal financial journey provides readers with an empowering, practical and step-by-step guide to regaining control of their financial life. She offers valuable money-saving tips that anyone can start applying to their life today.”

-Alex Thomas, Founder, My Common Cents

“Charis is a natural-born teacher. Her journey journaling the details of daily spending takes you into the weeds only long enough to highlight the higher purpose: Making choices to become debt-free for better living. Sure, many authors have tackled the subject, but Charis’ concise and compelling engagement, connecting human nature with proven wisdom, will take you from budget anxiety to being psyched about creating your budget. Through hard-won experience and inspired intention, Charis reveals the forest for the trees in the way we all live: One choice at a time.”

-Deborah Reece, Long-Time Atlanta Music Radio Host, WSB Radio Producer, Production and Voice Imaging Specialist, National Voice Talent

Alt Money Choices is one of the most simple, practical books on personal financial management I have ever read. The alternative money choices Charis describes in this book are so simple to understand, that anyone implementing these suggestions could see dramatic positive change in their personal finances almost immediately. You’ll be shocked at how rapidly you will be able to get out of debt by just making a few of the alt money choices that Charis suggests in this book. I encourage you, don’t let this book sit on your shelf, read it and get started changing your financial life today! You’ll be super glad you did.”

-Craig Hill, Author, Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Do Not Know, International Conference Speaker and Founder of Family Foundations International

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