#NoSpendSeptember Week 3: Jasper’s birthday, a “free” haircut & food at home

We’re just 10 days away from the end of #NoSpendSeptember challenge! Can you believe it’s gone by so fast?!

This week, there were some fun (and non-spendy) things we did.

Jasper’s 1st birthday

I know it’s completely ridiculous to have a birthday party for your pup. But we had such a fun time hanging out at the dog park for Jasper’s first birthday! I pre-planned to have this adorable puppy cake on hand when I bought it in August.

Our beautiful friends came out, many with their pups! It was such a nice time to be able to get together outdoors. He got so many presents and treats!



“Free” haircut

I’ve been cutting Justin’s hair since the start of the pandemic. I’m surprised his still lets me cut it. I guess I don’t do such a terrible job! If he gets his hair cut once a month, that’s at least $300 in savings.

Meals at home

It’s sad to say, but I typically do not like cooking. I grin and bear it, and try to listen to some kind of inspirational message while I endure it. 😂

We’ve found some ways to make it take the least amount of time possible and avoid food waste. We’re also trying to eat low carb, especially at night, and avoid allergens such as wheat and dairy when possible. However, we make an exception on pizza night. (I was vegan in June but decided the soy wasn’t agreeing with me!)

Here are some dinner items we’ve had this month:

  • Aidells chicken + frozen veggie or salad
  • Turkey burgers + frozen veggie or salad (the indoor grill we got makes these amazing!)
  • Grilled chicken + frozen veggie or salad
  • Pepper chicken + frozen veggie or salad
  • Soup & salad
  • Pizza + salad (I typically have veggie burgers instead of the pizza)
  • High protein pasta & chicken
  • Veggie night (just $2.50 a serving!)

Most of the items we have are frozen or canned, and this cuts down on food waste.

This week, we also got a huge free surprise, but I’m going to save this for next time!

What is your favorite way to save money?

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