How to get rid of body odor naturally

My mom was a health nut when I was growing up. So naturally, I took a lot of weird supplements and developed some strange habits that were supposed to deliver me to a state of near-perfect health. Instead of eating Pop Tarts and candy as a kid, I ate $5 a box pop tarts that tasted like the box they came in to avoid ingesting aluminum and strange-tasting fruit roll ups with a bitter aftertaste to avoid high fructose corn syrup.

For example, in the morning when I woke up, it was one of my chores to drink a big glass of lemon water with something called acidophilus in it.

Could I have taken the pill form instead of having to dump the contents of the capsule into my lemon water? Yes… but I was told it was far less effective. Sigh. I drank the gross lemon water with the powdery while film that stuck to the glass year after year until I could stand it no longer, or until I was allowed to make my own choices when it came to morning rituals.

Another health ritual that was embarrassing but necessary was “the green water.” Since I was not allowed to use regular deodorant (aluminum, remember?) we had to resort to another health breakthrough: Chlorophyll.

For any of you who have watched Iron Man, you’ll notice in one of the movies that Tony Stark is drinking some kind of green drink that he thinks will help his heart after the addition of the ARC reactor to prevent pieces of shrapnel from piercing his heart.

iron man chlorophyll

Tony makes it look far cooler than my reality back in the day. I’m not completely sure why, but reusable water bottle makers hadn’t completely mastered the art of the sealed bottle in the 90s when I was in school. So, off to school I went with my lunch box and a leaky bottle of chlorophyll water inside.

Though it did cure my B.O. in spite of not having the gift of strong deodorant during my pre-teen years, it did cause quite the embarrassment for me as I entered into middle school as I was known as “the kid with the green water.”

Luckily, no one really has to deal with that anymore, because chlorophyll is almost just as effective in capsule form.


This is what I use now, and I am telling you, IT REALLY WORKS! And there’s no way I can be made fun of anymore for drinking green water. (Not that it would matter since I’m an adult now, but I digress.) (Get it here.)

A friend of mine told me she was so glad I told her about chlorophyll, because now she no longer has to deal with embarrassing body odor. (This is the kind she takes.)

We’re not really sure why it works, except that supposedly, it cleans your blood and prevents pathogenic yeast. While dairy and sugar are culprits of bad B.O., bad breath and other health issues, chlorophyll can do a mighty good job at cleanup. (Fun fact while we’re talking about the stinky things in life: It can also help with chronic constipation!)

Have you used chlorophyll to help with body stench? Let me know in the comments below!


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